Endurance Fast Charging 1750mAh Battery for GoPro Hero 11/10/9 – Low Temp Resistant with Quick Charger Box

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Maximize your GoPro Hero 11/10/9 adventures with our Endurance Fast Charging 1750mAh Battery. Experience extended recording, cold resistance, and swift charging. Capture every moment!

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Elevate your GoPro experience with the Endurance Fast Charging Battery, specifically designed for GoPro Hero 11, 10, and 9. This battery not only ensures you capture every moment but also guarantees optimal performance in challenging conditions.

Key Features:

  1. Extended Battery Life: Comparable to the original Enduro battery, our Endurance battery offers a 96% longer lifespan than standard batteries. With the GoPro Hero 11, you can record up to 45 minutes at 4K/120fps, 60 minutes at 4K/60fps, and an impressive 101 minutes at 1080P/30fps.
  2. Superior Cold Resistance: Say goodbye to battery failures in cold environments. Our battery can be activated and used at temperatures as low as -20° C, a feat ordinary batteries can’t achieve even at 0° C. Even in these freezing conditions, enjoy recording times of up to 43 minutes at 4K/120fps, 58 minutes at 4K/60fps, and 82 minutes at 1080P/30fps.
  3. Rapid Charging: Time is of the essence, and our battery ensures you’re always ready to go. Experience an 80-minute quick charge when inside the camera. For an external charging solution, pair it with the Telesin quick charge box for the same rapid recharge time.


  • Size: 40.7×33.6×13.2mm
  • Weight: 32.58g
  • Capacity: 1720mAh
  • Input Voltage: 4.4V
  • Temperature Range: -20C-60°C
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for GOPRO 11/10/9 models

Battery Life: When tested with GoPro Hero 11:

  • 4K/120fps: 45min
  • 4K/60fps: 60min
  • 1080P/30fps: 101min

Fast Charging with TELESIN Case: Achieve a 100% charge in just 85 minutes and power up to 75% in a mere 30 minutes when paired with the TELESIN fast charging case and our Stamina battery.

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