New Breathable Motorcycle Backpack Waterproof Nylon Motorbike Bag Outdoor Racing Backpack Helmet Bag Riding Shoulder Bag

Product Description:

Item Type:Motorcycle backpack/Riding backpack

Material:Waterproof Tear Resistance Nylon&Waterproof Tear Resistance Polyester






-Made of waterproof wear-resistant fabric material

-Large capacity,15L storage space,reasonable layer

-Compact and lightweight inner layer can be placed 2.5L bag,the outer compartment can be placed in digital products,audio line out of the hole,the external helmet design,a powerful shoulders package.High permeability belt,on both sides of the strap on a water pipe outlet

-Air exchange carried system can more effectively attached to the spine and back mail line spaced from and back,moving the heat produced when promptly dispersed,to ensure that the back of the ventialtion,keep the back of the dry